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Why Divi is the Best Website Builder of 2019

Before the creation of this website, I shopped around for the best small business website builder. As a graphic designer, I knew I needed the freedom to build exactly what I was looking for, as I had a vision, and it needed to be exactly what I wanted. I shopped at Weebly, Squarespace, and even Webflow to find the best site builder, however, none of which worked for what I needed. The designs were too limited on Weebly and Squarespace, and Webflow was far too confusing for me, as I know nothing about code.

Although Webflow markets as a code-free graphic designer’s dream, I found that at least some CSS experience is needed to understand how to design a section. 

For starters, I knew I needed a website builder that was powerful. This is why I went with, as WordPress is a very powerful tool for small business, freelance, or virtually anything. It is a far more powerful tool than Weebly or Squarespace for business. Being that WordPress is so powerful, it allows for total customization. By default,’s themes are a bit restricted when it comes to design, but luckily, users can add custom themes and plugins.

When I discovered Divi by Elegant Themes, everything felt right. Out of all the website builders that I have tested in the past, Divi is the only one that allows for total flexible and responsive design with no coding knowledge necessary. It is like a graphic designer’s paradise. Everything is made very simple to understand and input. Like most drag and drop website builders, Divi has a wide array of items to insert into your page. You can either start with a blank canvas or choose from a vast list of preset themes. Once you add what you want into the page, the world is yours as far as customization. Divi offers a large amount of customization options, as well as easy edits to the margins and padding. If the options given are not enough, you can always add your own custom CSS (if you know what you’re doing, though this of course is not required). This website builder truly has countless customization options. One of the biggest factors when deciding on Divi was its optimization for mobile.  

As of a 2018 study, mobile web traffic took up 52.2% of online traffic. Optimizing your site for mobile is extremely important. Divi by Elegant Themes has enhanced mobile features compared to other WordPress builders and themes.

Within this past month, Divi released a major update, Divi 4.0. This added two massive features that were not available prior: a dedicated Theme Builder and Navigation Bar builder. Prior to this, pages had to be edited individually, but now a user can build their own theme entirely from scratch. Additionally, creating a navigation bar with Divi is easy. Adding shortcode to my navigation header allowed me to add the stock ticker that exists on this site. 

I can’t talk highly enough about Divi. My experience with it has been tremendous thus far, and I highly encourage it for your website. If you are interested in it as well, visit the elegant themes website. Divi comes with advanced plugins as well which are all detailed on their site. Check it out and share your experiences with divi in the comments below.

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