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Synergy is changing the game of freelance. We aren’t interested in being your boss, we just want to build a band. If you are a freelancer and are looking to expand your business, Synergy has the perfect solution.

If you are like us, answering to others except your client probably isn’t your thing. You’re the lone wolf; a freelancer who chose to work alone. BUT… Have you ever wished that you were at least backed with an internal foundation and brand name to help excel your business? If you are like us, then that answer is yes.

At Synergy, we aren’t interested in bossing you around. We don’t care about quotas, salaries, HR departments, or any other inconveniences debilitating you. We care about your independence and helping you succeed. 

Joining the Synergy team doesn’t change the fact that you work for yourself. Our team just provides you with the tools, documents, and brand name you need to excel your business and continue building beautiful websites. 

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