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12 Tips for Building a Professional LinkedIn Profile

The coronavirus has left many uncertain about their futures. Whether you are a senior in college entering the work force or you are seeking new opportunities, now is the best time to build a LinkedIn profile that stands out from the crowd. It has been statistically proven that having a professional LinkedIn profile in 2020 significantly increases your chance of getting an interview. Why is that?

90% of organizations use LinkedIn for hiring. There are over 20 million organizations on the site and 14 million open occupations. It is nothing unexpected to discover that a majority of these organizations rely on LinkedIn for hiring. Given the high demand of opportunities available on the platform, it is effective to have a professional LinkedIn profile.

Having a professional LinkedIn profile is just as important as having a resume in 2020. Given its various features, from experience, skills, and simply the ability to post updates, LinkedIn is a powerful platform to show recruiters why you stand out. This way you can, without much of a stretch, show signs of improvement by having a professional profile, as companies hire those who have more capacities and can give successful benefits to them. In general, LinkedIn is a significant piece of being an undeniable professional in any industry.

Here are some tips for professional looking profiles for Job seekers.

1. Use a Professional Headshot for your Profile Photo

2. Write a Headline / About Section That Rocks

3. Use Your Target Job Descriptions to Your Advantage

4. Avoid Buzzwords in posts, be ORIGINAL!

5. Treat Your Profile like Your Resume

6. Get Personal with your network

7. Boast Your Achievements and Skills

8. Add your Work Experiences

9. Add projects, Volunteer Experiences, or Languages

10. Update your standing

11. Have a minimum of fifty Connections, but make sure those connections are valuable to your network

12. Be Excited for the Job Search

At Synergy Solutions, we are offering packages to build you a professional LinkedIn profile and network. A minimal investment in yourself can get you the job you have been looking for. We take pride in building your profile from the ground up and are here if you need any advice or help along the way. We are offering packages such as: a professional headline / about section, a revamp to your experiences, connecting you with the right members of your network, managing your posts, and many more. If you or anyone you know is seeking a professional LinkedIn profile that stands out in the work force, please contact us below:

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